16 July

World of Books: Launches and a Writers´ Round Table at UIA2021RIO!

Scheduled for 7 p.m. on July 18, an exciting (and […]

Scheduled for 7 p.m. on July 18, an exciting (and exclusive) feature of the Programme prepared for the 27th World Congress of Architects will showcase ten books exploring the field of architecture. Open only to registered attendees, this digital launch welcomes their authors to a live discussion session with the organisers, where they present their works and talk about them.

This cultural highlight is followed by a round table session on The City and its Simulacra – The Book and The Urban, with architect Angelo Bucci, who is a keynote speaker at UIA2021RIO, journalist, critic, poet and editor Augusto Massi, writer Milton Hatoum (who is also an architect), and poet Sonia Marques (another architect). The moderator is architect Abílio Guerra, editor of the Vitruvius portal.


This virtual launch session will be moderated by architect Margareth da Silva Pereira, a professor with the Graduate Urban Planning Studies Programme (PROURB) at the Rio de Janeiro Federal University (UFRJ).


  1. ON Award – digital catalogue of the third Oscar Niemeyer Award, presenting the twenty finalist designs. This publication is produced by the Latin American Architecture Biennials Network (REDBAAL);
  2. O Patrimônio que nos une – a publication on the common heritage of Brazil and Portugal, organised by the Brazil-Portugal Architectural Heritage International Forum (FIPA);
  3. Lina Bo Bardi: uma biografia, by Francesco Perrotta-Bosch;
  4. Marcos Konder Netto: caderno de projetos, reflexões e realizações do arquiteto, by Igor de Vetyemy;
  5. Potência de 10² – 100 expoentes da arquitetura contemporânea do Rio de Janeiro, by Igor de Vetyemy;
  6. Arquitetura moderna na Bahia – 1947-1951, by Nivaldo Andrade;
  7. Moinho Fluminense – Autonomia, by Augusto Ivan and Maria Pace;
  8. Paulo Mendes da Rocha: Horizonte Urbano, by Denise Solot;
  9. Polifonia Urbana: arquiteturas, urbanismos e mediações, by Adriana Levisky;
  10. Palácio Gustavo Capanema, by Sandra Branco Soares;


The City and its Simulacra – The Book and The Urban

Discussions will be steered by each guest reading excerpts from their books.