• Lucas Fehr
    Valter Caldana Jr.
    Ângelo Cecco Jr.
    Haniel Israel (discente pós-graduação)
    Maria Teresa Lemos Antelmo (discente graduação)


  • Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie - FAU MACK


  • Práticas Pedagógicas

Eixo Temático:

  • Diversidade e Mistura

This paper presents the political and pedagogical project that defined the structuring of the teaching-learning process and guided the implementation, in 2000, of the TFG Final Graduation Work at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism. At the age of twenty, its origins, challenges and evolution are recorded here.

Originated from a mobilization process that detected the challenges for the AU Course at the turn of the century, what will also be seen is its role as a precursor and laboratory of the new intended structure that aimed to overcome fragmentation and other artificial limitations.

The premises for the project were the simultaneity between doing and thinking in the production of Architecture and Urbanism, the diversity of thoughts and the speed of exchange that characterize our time.

Student leadership, involvement, timeliness, flexibility, conceptual and critical solidity are the concepts that underpin it and that have been consolidated in these years of application and constant improvement, with special attention to the complex transition experienced by the undergraduate, who becomes a young professional.

Formally organized in a single discipline, it uses activities of foundation and criticism, experimentation and design exercise, as will be seen below, to situate the student in the face of doing Architecture and Urbanism in its fullness.

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