Vertical Plots: An investigation into transitory habitation for urban centers

First Place


  • Helena Utzig


  • Juliano Caldas de Vasconcellos


  • Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul



Eixo Temático:

  • Transitoriedades e Fluxos

This proposal is an investigation of minimal housing and incomplete or never resolved segments of cities. In large urban centers, the available plots are almost nonexistent and each square meter of the traditional plot is claimed, even though there is an abundant amount of idle “vertical plots”. Vertical plots are the opaque facades of buildings that emerge as new developments are built and disappear in cities; an unplanned side of a building, which, due to its lack of function, is often underused and ends up as a surface for advertising or artistic interventions. In total, these unused facades make up many square meters of available "land". In this way, this project proposes the use of parasitic architecture to “add” small-scale architectural objects to vertical plots to utilize functions that did not exist there before: to inhabit. Upon receiving flexible structures, temporary or permanent, that redefine and reconfigure the existing structure, the vertical plots provide a new perspective, offering functional space to the city. The system presented here features minimal housing modules that, when fitted to adjacent circulation systems attached to the existing facades, allow temporary housing for those who are just passing through, working, or looking for temporary housing in the city, improving the quality of life of these urban nomads and the built environment as a whole.

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