Escola Itinerante



  • Juliana Braga Costa
  • Pedro Barros


  • Associação Escola da Cidade


  • Práticas Pedagógicas

Eixo Temático:

  • Diversidade e Mistura

The "escola itinerante" is a curricular program of study trips developed with the four years of undergraduate students (1st to 4th), which has been practised since 2006. Its goal is to be an immersion and knowledge experience, which will offer students a deep comprehension about the territory and its architectural and urban culture.

The proposal aims to built a travel culture: how to put together an itinerary, how to get in touch with people who work there, how to build connection with new institutions, how to sough the experience of cities in their wider cultural context and, finally, the work of registering and documenting the research carried out, as well as the reflection of its unfoldings in the other course subjects.

Sometimes, to approach a certain context implies in already imagining its possibilities of transformation, through the elaboration of a project: the project as a form of approach and knowledge.

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