Educação para a Construção: prática pedagógica de extensão para o ensino de projeto



  • André Costa Braga Soares
  • André Duarte Massahud
  • Sophia Oliveira Felix Santana
  • Vittoria Roque Rettori
  • Thaís Perdigão


  • Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais


  • Práticas Pedagógicas

Eixo Temático:

  • Fragilidades e Desigualdades

The Pedagogical Practice Education for Construction, applied in the discipline of Project III ( 3rd semester of Architecture and Urbanism at PUC Minas), promotes an opportunity for learning of Drawing and Design from the discussions developed from the experimental field of Technical Advisory.

The pedagogical practice is structured in recognition of the innovative potential of the Technical Advisory actions carried out in the urban Occupations of the city of Belo Horizonte - which includes the Arquitetura na Periferia project and the academic experiences of local research groups.

By promoting the contact of students with residents (s) and community leaders, the formulation of a vision of the metropolitan peripheral territories is encouraged beyond the characterization of social vulnerability, poverty and misery. In the academic field, it is necessary to recognize the power of the practical constructive knowledge and wisdom of the people who build their own residences within their budgetary capacities, their availability of time and their social network.

By introducing discussions and the knowledge from local constructive experiences for the teaching of Drawing, Representation and Design, this stage of formation in Architecture and Urbanism adds a critical socio-spatial sense about the possibilities of how to act in cooperation and dialogical partnership with self-builders.

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