17 March

Here comes the Open Week Weaknesses and Inequalities UIA2021RIO!

The first UIA2021RIO Open Week, with free digital content, will […]

The first UIA2021RIO Open Week, with free digital content, will run from March 22 – 25, exploring the Weaknesses and Inequalities discussion track.

There will be three discussion sessions and a livestremed wrap-up, to consolidate the issues addressed in the discussion sessions.

The discussion sessions will be:

03/22 The architecture of social inclusion

Fabienne Hoezel (Switzerland) and Maria Alice Rezende de Carvalho (Brazil)

03/23 Just what is the periphery?

Alfredo Brillembourg (USA/Venezuela)

03/24 Favela Architecture

Alejandro Echeverri (Colombia) and Jorge Jáuregui (Argentina/Brazil)

You will be able to send your questions by chat during the debates and they will be forwarded to the livestreamed on the 25th, which will have the participation of:

Adriana Levisky (Brazil)

Alfredo Brillembourg (USA/Venezuela)

Fabienne Hoezel (Switzerland)

Nivaldo Andrade, IAB Vice President for UIA2021RIO relations, will moderate the event.

There will be translation into English, Spanish and Portuguese.

During this week, the content will be open; afterwards, only those registered in the Congress will have access.

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