5 April

BODIES IN THE WORLD – UIA2021RIO’s artistic curatorship

One of the surprises for UIA2021RIO attendees in March was […]

One of the surprises for UIA2021RIO attendees in March was the artistic content that accompanied each of the debates in relation to the topics covered in the Fragilities and Inequalities axis.

The artistic curatorship CORPOS NO MUNDO is an initiative of the architect Ligia Tammela, co-president of the Institute of Architects of Brazil – Rio de Janeiro Department (IAB-RJ) with the cultural producer Pâmela Carvalho, coordinator of the axis Art, Culture, Memories and Identities at the NGO Maré Networks.

They created together a circuit with artists from the peripheries and favelas of Rio de Janeiro, to presen their artistic research, reflections, displacements and tension.

“Our aim is to anchor the virtual event to the territory, expanding the debate about the body and its relationship with space and urban art as an expression of cities”, explains Lígia.

From above, from the margin, from inside the favela – multiple views of Rio’s Weaknesses and Inequalities to the world

The first presentation was by Tais Almeida. She was at the top of Morro da Primavera, in Cavalcanti, North Zone of Rio de Janeiro. There she danced and spoke about the relationship of her work with the city. Graduated in Dance at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), she made slabs her stage, showing art in the daily context of the favela.

Brainer Lua was another artist chosen for Corpos no Mundo. She is studying Dance at UFRJ and is a dancer at the Centro de Artes da Maré. The Yellow Line, one of the most important and busiest expressways in the city of Rio de Janeiro, was the location of her presentation. It is the road that borders Maré, separating the slum complex from the formal city; and the line also crosses the artist’s life.

In the third performance of March, Diego Reis, dancing on a longboard, showed the inner paths of the community Nova Holanda, one of the 16 favelas that make up the Complexo da Maré, with about 11 thousand residents. Diego says that his art, which is self-representative, is a contesting strategy.

The presentations are available on the UIA2021RIO YouTube channel.

In April, Corpos no Mundo will present an artistic installation in the port region of Rio; an art-education initiative in Praça da Harmonia, downtown; and a musical performance, at Morro do Juramento, in the North Zone.

Don’t miss it: the presentations precede the debates of the Open Diversity and Mixture Week.

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