16 June

China-Brazil Forum at the 27th World Congress of Architects

An agreement was signed on June, 4, 2021 by the […]

An agreement was signed on June, 4, 2021 by the Architectural Society of China (ASC) and the Brazilian Institute of Architects (IAB).

In addition to organising a China-Brazil Forum, an agreement was reached on exhibitions on contemporary Chinese architecture, among others


Home to a fifth of the planet’s inhabitants and increasingly more important in global politics and on the economic stage, China has gone through the most intense urbanisation process ever seen in history. In such scenario, the 27th edition of World Congress of Architects need China’s voices to play a leading role. The world’s largest architecture and urbanism event, this Congress is held every three years by the International Union of Architects (UIA). The Architectural Society of China (ASC) signed an agreement with the Brazilian Institute of Architects, organiser of the UIA2021RIO, announcing joint activities in the Congress Programme during June and July.

The main activity will be the China-Brazil Forum on July 12, attended by the government representatives of Rio de Janeiro and Beijing, as well as the presidents of the Executive Committee of the 27th World Congress of Architects, of IAB, and of ASC, together with other leading names from both nations.

Besides the Forum both delegations will also organize an exhibition of the works of leading contemporary Chinese architects. The UIA2021RIO Programme is also packed with leading names in Chinese architecture, including keynote speakers Zhang Li, Dong Gong, and Li Xiaodong, and ArchiTalks speakers Rocco Yim, Zhao Xing, Xie Xiaoying, Ma Yansong, Li Xinggang, Tang Yan, Li Hu, Liu Xiaodu, and Xu Tian Tian.

Originally planned for the Chinese Pavilion at UIA2021RIO, the Exhibition will be held in a digital environment for innovation both in its content and form, mediated by contemporary technology. In addition to architectural projects and designs, a section of this Exhibition will highlight the long-established cooperation between the ASC and the UIA: having successfully welcomed the 20th World Congress of Architects in 1999, Beijing is now bidding to host this event again in 2026.

Before the Forum, the joint efforts of these two countries will be launched on June 30 with a discussion on contemporary Chinese architecture and its contributions to building the city of the future. The Forum will be followed by round-table sessions on the July official programme with discussions consolidating its outcomes in terms of cooperation guidelines and proposals.

This Agreement was signed on June, 4 at a virtual ceremony by ASC Secretary General Li Cundong, IAB President Maria Elisa Baptista and IAB-RJ President and General Commissioner of the UIA2021RIO World Congress, Igor de Vetyemy.

More detailed information on activities undertaken jointly with China at UIA2021RIO will be released over the next few weeks, leading up to the grand finale of the World Congress, with six parallel stages, from July 18 – 22.


For more details on the Beijing bid to host UIA2026, access: www.uia2026beijing.cn/

Photo: Liyuan Library, Beijing, by Li Xiaodong