Guided tour: a walk through the architectural variety of Rio’s City Center

To strengthen the ties between the population and the urban space of Rio de Janeiro, the project ArqGuia Rio, a free initiative open to the public with the support of TV Globo, is giving the opportunity for the city’s inhabitants to go to a guided and immersive tour on iconic sites. It is the second tour of the project, which is part of the preparations for UIA 2020 RIO.

Next year, Rio de Janeiro will welcome the big event, including the World Forum of Cities and the 27th World Congress of Architects.

The architect Lucas Franco, who created ArqGuia Rio, alongside with the invited architects Niuxa Drago. Priscilla Peixoto and Noemia Barradas, will be responsible for talking to the attendees about architectural styles, eras and the creators of symbolic buildings.

On Saturday, July 20, at 9:30 a.m., it will be the time for the monuments of the Cinelândia area and Pereira Passos to be exposed by means of its corners, curves and lines. The journalist and member of RIO.ETC, Tiago Petrik, will provide a photography workshop, so people can take nice pictures using cellphones.

The participation of specialists is what qualifies the tour around Cinelandia’s Square, the Municipal Theater, Pedro Ernesto Palace – Municipal Chambers, the National Library, the National Museum of Fine Arts, Marquês do Herval Building, Caixa Cultural, Avenida Central Building, Caixa Cultural, Carioca Square and St. Anthony’s Convent and Church.

“The purpose of ArqGuia is always to show architecture as part of the culture and to democratize such knowledge. We want to stimulate critical thoughts, revealing the impact of important places from all over the city”, says Lucas Franco, responsible for the homonymous online guide ArqGuia, that originated the tour.

The “ArqGuia Rio – Knowing the city’s architecture” project provides guided tours at urban spaces and buildings that are extremely interesting in terms of Rio’s architecture and urbanism. Rio is the first city to be declared by UNESCO as a World Capital of Architecture, during the organization for the 27th World Congress of Architects UIA 2020 RIO.

The first guided tour of the project "ArqGuia Rio – Knowing the city’s architecture", that happened on June 26 (CAU/RJ)

It is an achievement of the Institute of Architects of Brazil (IAB) / International Union of Architects (UIA) and Arq.Guia Rio. It has the support of the Architecture and Urbanism Council (CAU - RJ), IAB - RJ and Rede Globo.

We appreciate your interest in the guided tour at Cinelândia and we inform that the inscriptions are closed.
Be aware that soon we will launch new routes here on the site.

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