Last stage of Gustavo Capanema Palace restoration starts in Rio

One of the headquarters of the World Congress of Architects UIA2020Rio and important monument of Brazilian modernism, the Gustavo Capanema Palace goes through another phase of interventions - the last one. The signature of the contract for the beginning of the works was done in a ceremony held in the building on the last Thursday, February 14, with the presence of the president of the National Artistic Historical Heritage Institute (Iphan), Katia Bogéa, and the president of the World Congress of Architects Sérgio Magalhães.

- Rio is the first World Capital of Architecture. This building is no longer just a Brazilian heritage. It's worldwide. Our commitment now is with people all over the world. And our mission is to make this restoration a great legacy for this city - said Katia.

In this stage of the works, which will receive investments of R$ 57.8 million from the Federal Government, actions will be carried out that include the restoration of the famous tile panels of Candido Portinari and the original wooden furniture, as well as the conservation of the terrace-garden and modernization of the auditorium and of all the infrastructure part of the building with deployment of detection fire system and air conditioning systems. The works are expected to be completed in 30 months.

- As an architect, it is a privilege to be watching the restoration of this building which is not only a pioneer of Brazilian modernism, it is an absolutely perfect exemplar: it has the most beautiful spaces, ideal thermal conditions and its construction brought together a team of great artists who could produce this unique work - said Sérgio Magalhães.

Last September, Iphan delivered the complete restoration of the facades of the building, considered a fundamental step of the work, since this is one of the main characteristics that marked the series of modernist innovations applied at the Gustavo Capanema Palace. The interventions began in 2014 and already received investments of R$ 42 million, with actions that also included the restoration of pilotis stone coverings, modernization of elevators, waterproofing of the garden terrace and roofing of the auditorium block, replacement of frames nobles, among others.



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