Cultural institutions discuss complementary events to the World Congress of Architects

2020 will be a great year for Rio's architecture and culture. The city will see a large part of its cultural institutions dedicating spaces for exhibitions and activities about architecture, urbanism, landscaping and the history of city construction. Complementary events are expected to take place throughout the year, making it even more effervescent in July when the city will host the World Congress of Architects UIA2020Rio, between the 19th and 26th. An important step was taken on September 26, with the holding of a meeting that brought together representatives of 30 cultural institutions, with Urban Planning Secretary of the city, Verena Andreatta and members of the UIA2020RIO Executive Committee, such as the architects Sérgio Magalhães and Augusto Ivan.

- Since 2014, when Rio won the right to host the Congress, we have been working together with all the architecture entities of the country to structure the outlines of what will be this great event. But we also want that the congress serves to build a dialogue with the Brazilian society about the architectural culture and its interaction with other arts - said Sérgio Magalhães, president of the UIA2020RIO Executive Committee at the beginning of the meeting.

The proposal was promptly accepted by the representatives of the present entities, who have already begun to suggest possible events and exhibitions in their spaces: exhibitions on French influence in Brazilian architecture – from Grandjean de Montigny to Le Corbusier; the creation of printed editions and applications to map the city’s iconic buildings; exhibitions about important Brazilian architects such as Sergio Bernardes e Roberto Burle Marx; and even an architectural carnival were some of these suggestions.

Director of the National Museum of Fine Arts, Monica Xexeo recalled that the institution has in its collection more than 90 plants of the 1922 Exhibition, which celebrated the Centennial of Independence in Brazil and changed Rios’s downtown forever with the construction of important buildings as the one which hosts Brazilian Academy of Letters.

The meeting gather representatives of institutions such as the Botanical Garden, the Museum of Tomorrow, the National Library, the Moreira Sales Institute, the National Historical Museum, the Museum of Image and Sound, the Federal Justice Cultural Center, the General Archive of the City , the Portuguese Royal Cabinet, UFRJ, IED, ESPM, Polo Rio Antigo, Casa do Saber, Casa Firjan, the National Archives, the Itamaraty Palace, the Brazilian Geographical Historical Institute, the Center of Art Helio Oiticica and the Commercial Association of Rio.



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