FPAA: Major honours for social and Brazilian architecture, and women architects


In its centenary year, the Pan-American Federation of Associations of Architects (FPAA) paid tribute to the work and dedication of several Brazilian architects and others settled in Brazil. nominated by the Brazilian Institute of Architects (IAB), they include Gilson Paranhos and Margareth Silva Pereira, both of whom sit on UIA2021RIO Committees. The FPPA prizes also honour women, and architecture of social interest.

Winner of the Gold Medal, architect and urban planner Ermínia Maricato is the first woman and the first Brazilian to receive the highest honour from the FPPA. Born in São Paulo State, she is renowned throughout the Americas for her work urging the development of fairer and more equitable cities. In 1988, she urged grassroots-led urban reform in the Constituent Assembly that drew up Brazil’s new Constitution, introducing an urban issue for the first time as a chapter in this document.

She also played an active role in setting up the Ministry of Cities, where she served as its first Executive Secretary. In 1997, she established the Housing and Human Settlements Laboratory at the Architecture and Urban Planning School, São Paulo University (FAU-USP). The Urban Development and Housing Secretary for the São Paulo Government (1989-1992), she has always urged technical assistance for housing of social interest.

The FPAA Architect of the Americas Prize was awarded to Uruguayan Hector Vigliecca, who has lived in Brazil for more than forty years. A founding partner of the Vigliecca & Associados firm, he has designed projects such as the Estádio do Castelão stadium in Fortaleza, Ceará State, and the Rio das Pedras Housing Complex in São Paulo, São Paulo State, as well as urban upgrades of part of the Morro do Socó hillside slum in Osasco, and the Heliópolis favela community, both in São Paulo.

Also a renowned name in housing of social interest, architect and urban planner Gilson Paranhos was awarded the Civil Service Architect Prize. Having headed up the Brasília Housing Development Company (CODHAB), he also chaired the Federal District Department of the Brazilian Institute of Architects (IAB) and its National Board, where he also held the position of Executive Director and National Public Tenders Coordinator. For six years, he sat on the Board of the Ministry of Cities. An active participant in the UIA2021RIO, he has been working closely with its Executive Committee.

The Research and Theory Prize went to UIA2021RIO Scientific Committee member Professor Margareth Pereira. This architect and urban planner coordinates the Specialty Course in the History of Art and Architecture in Brazil at the Pontifical Catholic University in Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RJ), as well as the Graduate Studies Program in Architecture and Urban Planning at the Bahia Federal University, and the Graduate Studies Program in Urban Planning (PROURB) at the Rio de Janeiro Federal University (UFRJ). In 2018, she worked at the Centre Maurice Halbwachs, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris, France. She has authored several publications in the fields of art, architecture, urban planning and landscape design.

Another woman honoured by the FPAA this year was architect and urban planner Dora Alcântara, who received an honourable mention in Teaching activities. An expert in Portuguese-Brazilian tilework, she is well-known for eager support of preserving this cultural heritage. In 2020, she was awarded the Gold Chain, which is the highest honour granted by the Brazilian Institute of Architects (IAB). She is a full member of the Brazilian Geography and History Institute (IHGB) in Rio de Janeiro, Petrópolis and Paraguay, with a seat on the Rio de Janeiro State Board of the IAB, and also a representative of the State Listing Board of the State Cultural Assets Institute (INEPAC).

Another honourable mention was awarded to Brazilian architects with the Habitat Professionals Cooperative (Co.Opera.Ativa) in Rio de Janeiro, for Grassroots Housing. This cooperative Dallas together professionals from several fields who work together on Architecture and Urban Planning projects, paying special attention to the environment, alternative housing construction technologies, and housing of social interest, particularly for people living in high-risk areas, among others.

The full list of prizes is given below. They will be awarded on November 8 during the closing ceremony of the FPAA Congress, whose theme is: We are America in Network. (https://fpaa.site/congreso-virtual/)

FPAA Prizes Adjudication Committee Members

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