Urban Regeneration


Student Name:

  • Iong Dayu


  • Deng Yutong

Advisor - Coordinator/Professor/Tutor:

  • Wenbo Ni

Institution Name:

  • Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture


  • China


  • Highlights

Concept and principles
The major concept is city regeneration through 3 phases and gradually offer a better life to the slum residents.
Principle 1 : Survive from the atrocious living conditions.
Principle 2 : Build a better education and working system.
Principle 3 : Thrive and give back to the city.

Innovation and creativity
Phrase 1: A large number of residences are introduced in the center of the region to relieve the living pressure of the slum. Meanwhile, the grid block design can effectively reduce the occurrence of slum violence and other problems.To meet the basic living needs of residents and improve their quality of life. The slum itself is a spontaneous independent community, which includes a variety of functional places for living. In order to improve the quality of life in the renewal area, the main problem to be solved in the residential area is to form independent community units, each community can solve the basic needs of life that suits all ages.

Phrase 2:Factories and public events were built to bring jobs and a sense of belonging to slum dwellers. The food processing industry has low requirements on site and technical content, which is suitable for the employment and development of slum people. The factory’s both sides are residential areas. Two courtyards facing the residential areas are set to introduce people.

Phrase 3:Large commercial buildings and office buildings were built to attract people outside the slums.To enhance the sense of honor of slum residents and eliminate the barriers between the slum and the outside world.

This plot is located in the center of the site with a large number of people and vehicles. By adding commercial functions, the circular form of the building and the rich vertical transportation system, it attracts the influx of local and foreign tourists. To create economic and cultural integration for mare and the outside world. Integration to the urban context The Avenida Brasil Expressway connects the airport on the north side to the downtown area on the south side. An important route for visitors to Rio DE Janeiro.

It is also an important factor in mare's connection and integration with the outside world.

For the three phrases of the projects, three nodes are used to concretly display, which can be divided into residential area design, factory design and commercial area design.

Landscaping aspects
We choose two main roads which go through the whole area as axial line. Squares and gardens are set along these two lines.

Environment and social sustainability
All the buildings in different function areas are designed for long term development which are easy to alteration and addiction.