SIHI – Urban renewal & Development plan in MARÉ

1° Prize

Student Name:

  • Zhao Yuanchen


  • Ma Yue
  • Wu Wanling

Advisor - Coordinator/Professor/Tutor:

  • Li Hao

Institution Name:

  • Xi'an University Of Architecture And Technology


  • China


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Current Situation
Without enough attention paid to the overall environment, the site is regarded as a gray area of the surroundings and development becomes a problem. The outer university town, the central city, and Rio de Janeiro International Airport are the opportunities for the development of the site, which will bring a lot of workforce, technology and tourists and so on to revitalize MARÉ.

Problem Summary
From the analysis and summary above, that the favela is not accepted by the city with violence and crimes. And the people can only use their own advantages to engage in jobs that they love but are low-profit-this is also the emergence of the family industry Prototype.

Study shows that there are two types of family industry models in favela-processing and service. They are distributed among the families in the favela near the design area, which can be utilized as potential testing points of family industry.

SIHI(Small Industry & Home Industry)
How can we dig deep and turn the potential to advantage? We came up with an innovative strategy ——SIHI (Small Industry & Home Industry),It considers different perspectives of industry and space to design a new favela industry model to realize the sustainable urbanization of MARÉ while improving the quality of the built environment the life of residents.

We have fully specified the local residents’ potential and used the technologies they have mastered and the unique community life to develop the home industry on this basis.

Eventually, MARÉ’s SIHI strategy will be developed into a new economic model and a demonstration site that other favela can learn and imitate from, thereby revitalizing favela in Rio and even around the world, so that favela will no longer become "urban problems" but rather "New City Possibilities."

SIHI——Urban renewal & Development plan in MARÉ
The strategy is consisted of three phases:S Home→M Group→L Community "S" family industry stage: First, preliminary spatial and industrial upgrading and transformation of family potential points and attracts more families to join the MARÉ’s revitalization plan.

"M" group industry stage: when the family industry develops to a certain stage, families expand production and living areas, unite families in abandoned factories, integrate similar industries and assist industry collaboration.

"L" community industry stage: multi-production development, exporting community industry, and importing external resources. At this time, the family industry became the feature industry of MARÉ with local products, craftsmen and heritage skills exported to cities.

Eventually, MARÉ will develop into a favela industry incubation community featuring family industries, while inspiring more favela communities to develop their own advantages, revitalize Rio, lead the new world economy and reach the goal of "ALL THE WORLDS, JUST ONE WORLD".