Rio Multi-dimensional Carrer Remodeling Plan


Student Name:

  • Huang Wenxin


  • Li Yuhong
  • Zhang Xiru
  • Ai Huiying
  • Li Jiajia

Advisor - Coordinator/Professor/Tutor:

  • Hao Chibiao

Institution Name:

  • Qingdao University of Technology


  • China


  • Highlights

Over the past few decades, due to the process of urban expansion in metropolitan areas, industrial companies along Brazil Avenue have been relocated to the outskirts of the city. As a result, these large areas of land occupied by industrial facilities and warehouses have been abandoned or abandoned. This process is in sharp contrast to the expansion of Mare over the same period.

Design Goals:
This plan attempts to create a multi-dimensional community and bring new opportunities to the lives of locals. By taking the originally passive Brazilian Avenue that splits the site as a source of energy, it introduces tourists, resources, and logistics resources on the road to the surrounding sites. The surrounding residential areas provide huge human resources, so that the resources can be directly transferred to the community, forming a tourist can interact, logistics resources can be used directly, basic resources can be self-sufficient, and bring a new growth environment for the locals’ lives since childhood Possibility.

Career Reshaping:
Expand enrollment opportunities and professional qualifications for residents of the site. Courses and preparation provide not only new career opportunities, but also more opportunities for admission to schools, colleges, and universities. It also provides more reflection on the world around us and avoids the historical dilemma of people living in slums.

The business school ACTS as a "catalyst" for the site, dotted throughout the site. The development of commerce can attract a large number of the foreign labor force and investors, drive the development process of commerce from household production to large-scale industrial production, and provide the main economic support for the operation of the site.

Mental Zone:
The boundary between matter and spirit has been broken. The matter is no longer the purpose, but the spiritual core is the essence. By discovering the spiritual expression behind the material, people begin to understand things and them-selves so as to change themselves. Anyone can be a viewer or a participant. Constantly push the boundaries of what you already have by creating and experiencing.

Social Order:
The goal of the axis for the development of rights in public security and access to justice is to make public security and access to justice a right that is perceived and demanded by all residents. The people living around the site have historically suffered from various forms of fundamental rights violations and seek to increase their rights every day in a clear way.