Parque Integra


Student Name:

  • Paulo André da Silva Pereira


  • Sara Barbosa Martins
  • Mariana Costa do Carmo

Institution Name:

  • Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro


  • Brazil


  • Highlights

Concepts and principles:
The Parque Integra’s project main objective is to include the Maré favela as part of the formal city, encouraging the effectiveness of the community as an equal part of Rio de Janeiro.

The principal idea, that was essential due the proximity with large teaching and research centers is the development of science and technologies, culture and innovation, through this large equipment near Maré, being a vehicle for social transformation.

Innovation, creativity and integration to the urban context:
To establish the integration of Complexo da Maré, the project proposes the construction of a tunnel under the current roads of Avenida Brasil and BRT, building a new passages for cars.

Simultaneously, the Parque Integra is designed on the site of the former Avenue. That way, it eliminates the physical obstacle that separates the neighborhoods of Bonsucesso and Ramos with Mare. At the same time, new transversal routes to the park will be constructed, establishing that dialogue between the favela with the remaining of the city. This will improve the circulation of citizens, by promoting unity between the territories.

In addiction, sports and leisure, inclusion and education equipments will be project. This considers the inclusion of the residents in this park, since they’re a essential part of the town, corroborating with the main idea of this project.

Landscaping aspects:
The built environment is also respected. In this region predominates self-construction, along with the organicity of the forms and low height, being an essential part of the proposal.

In this area, it is seen a strong solar insolation, thereby was essential the presence of leafy trees. Besides that, these trees are spreads all over the park, as a way to solve the local problem with sunstroke, air pollution and environmental inequality.

Environmental and social sustainability (UN SDG’s):
The empowerment of local residents is vital to promote social and environmental sustainability. That is possible through the development of gastronomic, consolidating the local customs and theirs identity. That is an essential part for the social sustainability of the territory.

Besides, the development of a society that respects biodiversity is indispensable in the Parque Integra. Thus, the educational and cultural activities, present in the project, are focused in the study and preservation of the environment.