Lohas Community


Student Name:

  • He Tao

Advisor - Coordinator/Professor/Tutor:

  • Yanmin Liu

Institution Name:

  • Xiamen Institute of Technology


  • China


  • Highlights

Concepts and principles
The idea comes from an old game called tangram, which almost everyone played it before. The city texture of mare is scrappy, just like the pieces of tangram. There are a lot of slums, abandoned factories, garbage lots which hinders the
development of mare, so as to redesign the area, regrouping the pieces become the solution to develop mare.

Mare has a lot of problems, violence, poverty, lack of water are the toughest ones. The solution to these problems merge in the design. The second step is adding function to every new piece. Based on the statics of population, economy and industry, tourism and commerce center become the core of the area, and the improvement of living condition is also important. To create an intimate, ecological, sustainable, enthusiastic city become the goal.

To make the texture typical brazil, a song called becomes reference of the design, the unique rhythm is used to decide the density of the core parts in the area.

Innovation and creativity
Mototaxi is an important traveling mode, while the brazil expressway divides the area into two separate parts, and the footbridges above are also inconvenient. To figure out the traffic issue, dimensional traffic become the innovation point. A giant structure will be put above the brazil expressway, and the new 6m level turns into the driveway for motorcycles. And the residence nearby is also connected to the level, to help reach the 6m level easily, the lift in the residence will be designed for the use of motorcycles.

To develop local economy, the giant structure above the brazil expressway will be turned into the icon in Rio. It’s divided into three parts, first is a huge outdoor activity space, with stages around, residents and tourists can enjoy the city view or having carnival here. The second part is a commercial complex, based on different floor height, celestial streets are added in which help people easily get to the roof space and other buildings. The last one is used for food and recreation, just near the hotel, it becomes the first choice for the tourists living here, and two housing estate will be built nearby, it will become the center in leisure time.

The main idea of residence is creating an intimate community, so based on the art work of Piet Mondrian, the format of the residence will have different functions by slicing the simple floor shape. Public outdoor and indoor space, sky garden, sports area, community center and mototaxi parking lot will be added into each residence and housing estate, to make sure every building can have enough sunshine, all the departments are designed to have balcony in different directions and light material is used to build the public space. Combined with the mode of ecological building, an ecological activity center will be built to provide a community center suitable for the activities of residents of all ages. In addition, a set of intelligent network system will be established in the residential area to detect the living environment in real time, and the health information of each household will be networked, updated in real time to provide on-site medical services.

Environmental and social sustainability (UN SDG’s)
Slope roofs and water collecting pipes are used to collect the rainwater, the collected rainwater will be sent underground for physical and chemical treatment, and then transported according to the different needs of different places, so as to solve the problem of local water scarcity. Sustainable buildings are used as community center and public space. Breaking the whole building to have a level with plants can help to improve the small environment nearby by absorbing the exhaust gas from freight vehicles and reducing the noise pollution.