Student Name:

  • Rowan Ayman Abdelaziem


  • Nada Ahmed Abdelbaset Kenawy
  • Dina Mohamed Gamaleldin

Advisor - Coordinator/Professor/Tutor:

  • Holger Gladys

Institution Name:

  • German University in Cairo


  • Egypt


  • Highlights

A project proposal for the contest of ideas from Maré consists of meeting your socio-cultural needs through connections between the equipment already existing in the complex.

It is a route that emphasizes and consoles the identity of the region in question, in addition to solving some demands that directly affect the quality of life of the population that lives, such as the lack of living spaces, leisure, sports and cultural artistic activities. These aspects have great influence with respect to violence and high crime rates in the community, since without access to social resources, a public interest, in most young women, that can be criminalized.

The route will have a cluster of urban equipment that add to the landscape of the environment, both quantitatively and qualitatively, with the presence of a cycle lane that extends throughout the entire extension of the project, converging into the main squares with retention basin technology that contributes to ecosystem issues, capturing, treating and reusing rainwater, becoming a community and sustainable living space.

Another instrument strongly employed is the use of fruit trees and generous shadows, they are present both in the squares and in the streets of the road.

The space was designed to meet the technical and social needs of the region. These components, once united, transform the place into a true sustainable refuge.