Enthusiasm, Strength, Serenity, Life


Student Name:

  • Zhang Guorong


  • PENG Ue
  • DU Xiaohan
  • CHEN Yan

Advisor - Coordinator/Professor/Tutor:

  • NIE Tong

Institution Name:

  • Qingdao University of Technology


  • China


  • Highlights

We have studied the streets and history of Rio and even Brazil. We believe that there are three forces in Brazil, one is the criminal Mafia, the other is the people living in the bottom line, and the third is the government personnel involved. What is the cause of the division of the whole region is a complex and difficult problem to explain. But we think that slums are necessary for the whole city. We should recognize, respect and protect this form. Therefore, in the later design, we hope to improve the living conditions here with minimal intervention and reverse the cognition of the outside world.

For the streets here, the most missing is public service space and public leisure space, so we hope to
improve the life of the people here in a gradual way. Our definition of point-to-step method is to open a breach in the whole region through a point, attract foreign people and boost local people. This strategy defines this as a whole. First, it breaks through a point into a whole, and then the whole attracts outside people. We set up a series of point shaped public spaces to drive the surrounding poor communities, so that the outside can have more opportunities to enter and understand this dynamic and powerful poor community.

At the same time, we also put forward a certain living space, which uses modularization to achieve the purpose of fast and efficient. We hope it can be extended to alleviate the problems of poor communities and cities in Brazil as a whole.

We mainly designed a street in the site, although it has different functions, but the principle is the same, so we focused on the expression of three functions and residential relationship in the later presentation. It is hoped that these three nodes can play a role as a link to better combine the poor community with the outside world.

The design of these three main nodes are extreme sports field, open-air music square and market. We hope to cover the people's attitude towards football, song and dance, and economic activities through the design of three nodes. To show the vitality and difference of the poor community people in these three aspects.

The other three nodes are a small park, a motorcycle station and a public art space on the road, which meet the problems of insufficient green plants, insufficient parking lots and no expression of street art. These three are more inclined to improve the life of the local people, so in the final presentation, we will omit them. More to express for the poor community inside and outside the people need to create a bond space.

For the choice of this street, this street is on the inner side of Brazil Avenue. It is a street that needs foreign people to enter. We hope that the space we design will respect the people here, not blindly open to attract foreign people. Instead, outside people take the initiative to explore and enter here. At the same time, we also hope that this street is a semi open posture, welcoming people to come. We believe that there is no conflict between this gesture and dignity.

As for the intervention of these public spaces, for outsiders, starting from the music Park, this is a space of existence medium, and you can feel the passion and strength here without getting close to it. It is just like this that this community lacks such artistic vent points. Outside people can stand on the side of the road and slowly feel the positive life power of the people here. For the music park is also a very open place, it has an open dome, at night we hope that the lights here can attract more people to join in the carnival, cheering and dancing together.

Here, music is a part of their lives. They had to sing in the crowded streets and dance on the closed roofs. Their pursuit of art can not be released, their vitality and strength can only be shown in a very small world. This design is based on the line of sight. It can change from the original closed street space to a transparent and open exhibition space. People can better exile the sky for the pursuit of art, and people on the road can also see the optimistic attitude of people here. Art has no boundary. I hope that people here can be twisted together by art.

I want this project to be an open and secure space. Everyone can feel the power of music and dance here. Art is warm, it can connect everyone's heart. He will guide these people to their own lives. Without living in the eyes of others, music and dance will become their way to become friends. We will cheer for their dance, and they will be proud to find their own existence.

The stadium after that is a place where outsiders are closer to the community and they can compete on the football field. Close to these people in sweat and joy, they love sports, even a humble football field, can also get great satisfaction. Therefore, we have supplemented the football field, so that it can carry more people to use at the same time. An extreme sports field is equipped with a stand, which can meet the needs of the football field for the rest space. It is also a space for you to sit in the audience and enjoy the life here. Everyone works hard to live, children's happy laughter, the bustling street Hawking sound, football field,

The final node is a market, which is a relatively closed space. Here we need to be close to it to feel it, people here to get food, get life. Here is the community of all kinds, when we enter here, we feel that the people here are not easy to live, they work hard to live. The economic situation and environment here are different from the city center and other urban spaces. People here are more optimistic and cherish the happiness of life.

This is a small market, only a dozen stalls, but it covers most of life. As we sit here eating barbecue and drinking beer with the uncle of the poor community, the scene of life comes into view. Here is not only a market, but also a miniature of people's life here.

The original market space here is closed, so I hope this project will make the people here more warm, and the property of the market may be more inclined to be used by people in the community. Therefore, they need a comfortable commercial space. This project is different from other fairs in the community. Its interior is open but there are certain structures on both sides. The purpose of this design is that people inside and outside can use the market well. Let outsiders because of the closed market is too close to give people a sense of closeness.

This design is more about respect for the site. We use the surrounding street relationship to organize our space composition. I hope this project is an unknown and ordinary space. People will not deliberately use this space, but enter it because of special needs, and it brings a different personal feeling, which is different from other fairs here.

I hope this project can better interpret the true meaning of life here. People's little life should be beautiful, so
the market under the sun can light up their life and bring them beauty.

This bazaar is based on the surrounding streets. It should be a space integrated into the local area. It is hoped that this space can penetrate into their lives and meet the needs of life. There will be a certain rest space here. People who pass by or live here can get a very good experience here. It is a kind of warm life under the sun Live experience.

After these public nodes, we have supplemented the local residential form. We respect the community form here, but we also need some guidance. We hope to build a more sustainable, cleaner and hygienic community. So we have designed a modular residential unit here, which can be combined into the space needed by the people here. It can be built quickly or expanded quickly, which will avoid the biggest problem of poor communities - blind expansion. Under the constraints of the unit, the community here will develop orderly, enter a sustainable development stage, and finally reach a community that can be updated and maintained by itself. This is what we want to see and what people here want to see.

Based on the existing problems of the site and the relationship between the poor community and the city, we designed the nodes on a street and the living environment of the residents. Design gradually from outside to inside. It is hoped that this design can make the external personnel more aware of the living conditions of the people in this area. I also hope to design a design that can change and influence the people here and give them a warm life.