Please be aware of the registration rules for the 27th World Congress of Architects.

REGISTRATION TABLE limited vacancies

Category Until Aug 31st, 2020 Until Dec 31st, 2020 Until May 18th, 2021 From May 19th, 2021
Delegate (1) (2) 260,00 € 260,00 € 270,00 € 280,00 €
Brazilian Delegate (1) (2 (4)) R$ 1.150,00 260,00 € 270,00 € 280,00 €
Undergraduate (3) 60,00 € 60,00 € 60,00 € 60,00 €
Accompanying 150,00 € 150,00 € 160,00 € 170,00 €
Brazilian accompanying R$ 660,00 150,00 € 160,00 € 170,00 €
Values in € (Euros) and in R$ (Brazilian Reals)
(1) Category for graduated participants, professionals
(2) IAB even members (with evidence) and members of trade unions and trade union offices affiliated with FNA (with evidence) will receive a discount of R$ 250.00 in the registration fee
(3) Requires declaration signed and stamped by educational institution, valid until the date of the event. Declarations valid for 2020 will be accepted only from attendees registering by December 31, 2020.
(4) The amount in Brazilian Reals (BRL) for Brazilian practitioners and graduates shall remain valid through to August 31, 2020, after which these amounts will be restated.


  • For all practitioners. the BRL 250.00 discount is available only to IAB and FNA members.
  • Registration includes the right to access the Scientific Programme of the Congress, a badge and an online certificate.

Undergraduate Student

  • This category is valid only for undergraduate students, and does not include graduate, master's or doctoral students. This status must be proven through a declaration from the university in which such students are properly enrolled and attending through to the date of the Congress.
  • All registrations in the Student category sent in by December 31, 2020 shall remain valid, provided that student status is proven during 2020.
  • Registration includes the right to access the Scientific Programme of the Congress, a badge and an online certificate.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO STUDENTS: As student registrations are soaring, it seems likely that the planned limit will be reached before the end of April. If this occurs, we will be able to accept registrations only until April 30, 2020. Should there be another opportunity, we let you know in advance. Please note that entrants in the planned contests and awards are exempt from registration deadlines. Thank you for signing up with the 27th World Congress of Architects - UIA2021RIO.

Companion and Brazilian accompanying

  • Registration does not offer access to the Scientific Programme of the Congress.
  • Registration includes the right to attend the Opening Ceremony of the event and one social activity of the Congress.

Credit Card
Fill out the online registration form, select the credit card option (MASTERCARD, VISA, ELO or AMEX) and complete all requested information before sending the registration form.
For your security, you will fill in all your credit card data in a secure, encrypted environment. This data will not be stored in our system.
If the transaction is not authorized or is not completed for any other reason, please contact your credit card provider to verify the reason.
Unfinished payments can be made later through your restricted area (Online Secretariat) on the event website. In this case, if the registration fee has been changed according to the date, the amount charged will be the current amount on the day the payment is made.
Payments will be made on behalf of COMITE EXECUTIVO DO XXVII CONGRESSO MUNDIAL (virtual store). This will be the ID on your credit card statement.


Payment by credit card can be made in installments without interest, according to the schedule below:
By 09/30/2020: 10 installments
By 10/31/2020: 9 installments
By 11/30/2020: 8 installments
By 12/31/2020: 7 installments
By 01/31/2021: 6 installments
By 02/28/2021: 5 installments
By 03/31/2021: 4 installments
By 04/30/2021: 3 installments
By 05/31/2021: 2 installments
From 06/01/2021: 1 installment


For the category DELEGATE and BRAZILIAN DELEGATE will be provided 1 additional free registration for every 10 registration in the group.

  • for groups of 10 to 19 delegates = 1 free registration
  • for groups of 20 to 29 delegates = 2 free registrations
  • for groups of 30 to 39 delegates = 3 free registrations, and so on.
Group registration must be done together and payment must be unique in the total amount of the group.
To do it, please select the number of delegates in the online application form, fill in the data of all of them and make the payment.
After the payment, please send an email to the Executive Secretariat (sec@uia2021rio.archi) requesting the instructions for the free registrations.


For visa information click here
For other health information and vaccination recommendations click here


The scientific and activity program of the Congress can be changed at any time, both in the themes and activities as well as in the speakers.


For the categories that need to submit proof of status (student and IAB member) the statement must be sent through the Online Secretariat (upload), shortly after registering for the event.
The participant who does not send the due declaration must pay the difference to the value of the Delegate category on the date the complement is paid (maximum value, at the place of the event = 280 €).


Pre-registrations can be made by July 15th, 2021.


Cancellation with refund of the registration fee (all categories) can only be requested by June 18th, 2021 through the e-mail sec@uia2021rio.archi along with the registre's bank account data. The refund will be made after the event with a 40% deduction to cover administrative expenses. Afterthis date (June 19th, 2021) no cancellation / refund requests will be accepted


The transfer of the registration can be requested by June 18th, 2021 through the email sec@uia2021rio.archi. IIf there is a change of category, the difference must be paid (if the amount is higher) or the refund must be requested (if the value is smaller) in the same email. If there is a refund, it will be done after the event with a 40% deduction to cover administrative expenses.


The organizers are not responsible for lost badges. A new badge will be issued upon payment of 70% of the participant's on-site value.


The Organising Committee is striving to ensure that RIO 2021 is a memorable UIA Congress, in terms of its scientific content and structure for welcoming attendees. Well aware that some presentations may address topics that are more appealing than others, we stress that seats will be filled in order of arrival. No overcrowding will be permitted in any room, compliant with the rules established by the Municipal Fire Department.


The Local Secretariat will operate from July 18th, 2021 at the event site to deliver badges (pre-registered) and receive new registration.



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