The third guided tour in the Centre of Rio focuses on the contrasts of Praça Mauá

Tiago Petrik

To connect the population with the architectonic, urbanistic and landscape heritages of Rio de Janeiro, the project Arq.Guia Rio offers the third guided tour in the City Centre next Saturday, August 10, at 9:30 a.m. The walk will be around the areas of Praça Mauá and Cais do Valongo.

The initiative, that is for free, gives the participants the opportunity to visit iconic sites in the company of specialists, to better understand the impact of important building and areas of the city. The event is preparatory for UIA 2020 RIO, the 27th World Congress of Architects, that will happen in July of next year.

The architect Lucas Franco, the creator of the website Arq.Guia Rio and vice-president of CAU/RJ, talks about how important it is for the public to observe the multiplicity that exists in the central area, understanding how the commercial occupation is showing damage signs:

- It is the third distinct “Centre of Rio” that we introduce in the project. First, it was the “Centre” of Praça XV; after that, it was the Cinelândia one, and, now, the one of Praça Mauá. The Port Zone of Rio has a lot of contrasts, economic and of scale ones. Recently, tons of investments were made and there are some modern equipment, but, at the same time, the Joseph Gire Building, that is an architectonic landmark, is a historic and cultural heritage that is completely abandoned – he explains.

Lucas joins the invited architects Simone Feigelson and Priscilla Peixoto to show the areas of Praça Mauá and Cais do Valong to the participants.

Simone Feigelson is an architect, urbanist and PhD in Civil Engeneering. She is also a counsellor at CAU/RJ and a teacher and the chief of the Department of Turism and Heritage of UNIRIO.

Priscilla Peixoto is an architect, urbanist and PhD in Urbanism. She also teaches History of Brazilian Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

The journalist and associate of RIO.ETC, Tiago Petrik, leads a photography workshop using cell phones. Tiago has also participated in the other two tours, helping the participants to take nice pictures.

The guided tour includes the Museum of Tomorrow, Praça Mauá, the Joseph Gire Building, the Rio Branco Building, the Vista Mauá Building, Morro da Conceição, Rio Art Museum, the cultural centre Ação da Cidadania and Cais do Valongo.

Lucas also emphasizes that housing will be one of the topics for discussion:

- Morro da Conceição is one of the only places with housing in the area. We need to discuss what is like to live in the Centre, especially for low-income populations.

The guided tour is organized by the Institute of Architects of Brazil (IAB), the International Union of Architects (UIA) and Arq.Guia Rio, with the support of CAU/RJ, IAB-RJ and TV Globo.

Arq.Guia Rio provides guided tours around urban spaces and buildings that, in terms of architecture and urbanism, are relevant for Rio, the first city to win the title of World Capital of Architecture by Unesco while it gets ready to host UIA 2020 RIO.

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We appreciate your interest in the guided tour on the Old Centre and we inform that the inscriptions are closed.
Be aware that soon we will launch new routes here on the site.
Executive Committee UIA2020RIO

Group at the second guided tour of Arq.Guia Rio, in July 20 / CAU/RJ



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