Clear up your doubts about the postponement of the Congress


Is the theme of ALL THE WORLDS. JUST ONE WORLD. ARCHITECTURE 21 still being used, together with the main discussion tracks of the Congress?
More than ever, we feel confident about the pertinence of the theme selected for the 27th World Congress of Architects. The current global crisis proves that all the worlds are really just one world today, with emerging situations abruptly imposing radical changes in everyone’s lives; flows are blurring borders and blending differences, while inequalities spotlight our weak points even more clearly. This worldwide shutdown is a fresh challenge: as practitioners who are actively engaged in transforming constructed space, what do we want to say about the paths that should be pursued by our cities and societies? How can our profession help iron out urban inequalities? How can Architecture and Urban Planning respond most effectively to the unhealthy conditions found in so many homes? How can we promote public areas that foster interaction?
So we continue with the same theme: ALL THE WORLDS. JUST ONE WORLD. ARCHITECTURE 21.
Will the same programme and speakers appear in 2021, as presented on the uia2020rio.archi website?
In principle, the entire programme and its speakers will remain unchanged, as shown on the uia2021rio.archi website. With the Congress postponed to July 2021, the availability of each speaker must obviously be ascertained individually for its new timeslot. This is being handled by the Executive Committee and Scientific Committee of the 27th World Congress of Architects. All confirmations and replacements will be announced on the uia2021rio.archi website.


I registered as a student, but I will have graduated as an architect by July 2021. What happens now?
All registrations in the Student category received by December 31, 2020 will remain valid for accreditation in 2021, against presentation of documentary evidence of student status in 2020. Without this documentation, student accreditation will not be possible in July 2021.
I registered and am paying off my fee in instalments. What happens now?
Nothing changes. The instalments will be debited as scheduled, with your registration valid for July 2021, as soon as full settlement of your fee is confirmed.
I was granted a discount on my registration, as I belong to the IAB and/or associations or unions affiliated to the FNA, as stated in the registration regulations. Must my obligations be up to date in 2021 as well, in order to validate my registration?
If you registered by March 2020, there is no need to present your 2021 receipt. However, you must improve compliance for 2020. Registrations sent in from March 30, 2020 onwards will require documentary proof of compliance with these obligations in 2021.
I would like to cancel my registration. What should I do?
All registrations submitted so far are automatically valid for 2021.
The procedures related to requests for reimbursement of canceled registrations are still being defined by the Executive Committee. We are confident to count on your understanding.


I signed up for the Maré-City International Contest for Students. What happens now with the submission deadlines?
The new schedule of the Contest is published at:
The brief of for the International Competition for Ideas for Architecture Students is under review. Any changes will be published soon.
I am participating in the Exhibition and National Award. What happens now with the submission deadlines?
The brief of for the Exhibition and National Award is under review. Any changes will be published soon. The deadline for registering IES was extended until January 22, 2021. More information at:
By 2021, I will have graduated. Can I continue to participate in the Display, and can I also still be part of my college team in the Contest?
Yes. The Display and the Contest encompass everyone who was a student in 2020, or still is 2021. This means that you can participate in the Display and be part of your team in the Contest in 2021.


My paper was approved by the Scientific Committee for presentation at the 2020 Congress. What happens now, with the Congress postponed to July 2021?
All the papers and designs selected for the 2020 event will remain valid for the 2021 Congress.
What about the final submission deadlines for selected works?
The final submission deadlines will be extended. As soon as the new dates are set, the Scientific Committee and ACSA will contact the authors with information on the new schedule.
Will a deadline be set for submitting new works?
The Executive Committee and the Scientific Committee assessing the possibility of issuing a new call for papers. Should this occur, it will be widely announced through the uia2021rio.archi website, as well as social media and other communications channels used by the Congress.


I have already paid for my hotel and purchased my tickets. What should I do now?
We recommend that you contact the people in charge of handling these matters.

If you have any other doubts, please send them to us by email at: sec@uia2021rio.archi



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