Works by Le Corbusier, Ubi Bava and Cândido Portinari at IAB Centennial Commemoration Exhibition

The opening of the exhibition on the anniversary of the IAB

On January 26 – the exact date on which it was founded in 1921 – the IAB inaugurated the exhibition entitled Brazilian Institute of Architects: Towards its Centennial. Featuring works by Le Corbusier, Ubi Bava and Cândido Portinari in the permanent collections of the National Fine Arts Museum (MNBA), ”these are pictures that recount the progression of Brazilian architecture, particularly in Rio de Janeiro,” says the Museum Technical Coordinator Cláudia Rocha.

Lorenz Braker, UIA vice president for Western Europe,
and Rod Hackney, past UIA president

In addition to its opening date, the Exhibition venue also reaches back to the earliest days of the IAB: this Museum was designed by Adolfo Morales de los Rios – one of the founders of this Institute. Indeed, it was here just a hundred years ago that 27 architects decided to establish an institution representing practitioners in this field.

Recounting the history of the IAB, this Exhibition follows a timeline packed with highlights when this Institution was deeply engaged in social transformations, including support for amnesty, urging the release of political prisoners, and convening the Constituent Assembly that produced Brazil’s 1988 Constitution.

“The legacy items displayed in this Exhibition portray contexts going back to the time when the IAB was set up, presaging a revolution the following year with the Modern Art Week and the movement that was to transform the identity of Brazilian Architecture forever,” comments IAB Rio Chapter President Igor de Vetyemy. He is the joint curator of this Exhibition, together with the Co-President for Culture of the Ligia Tammela Institute and Senior Board Member Cêça Guimaraens. This Exhibition remains open through to March 8.

Nivaldo Andrade (president of IAB), Thomas Vonier (president of UIA), Luciano Guimarães (president of CAU) and Igor de Vetyemy (president of IAB / RJ)



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