Privacy Policy

Initial Statement

The UIA2021RIO Congress is well aware of the importance of data privacy and information security in the dynamic world of exchange transactions, where massive amounts of data are handled through new technologies. This Privacy Policy confirms the UIA2021RIO commitment to comply faithfully with the data protection standards established by the European Union (Regulation Nº 2016/679) and the Federative Republic of Brazil (Law Nº 13,709/18).

This Privacy Policy is accepted as a commitment by the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE 27TH WORLD CONGRESS OF ARCHITECTS/UIA2020RIO, which is a private association registered under Corporate Tax (CNPJ) Nº 23.199.947/0001-79.

The scope of this Privacy Policy specifically addresses activities related to processing personal data on its service platform, systems and Internet portals.

Processing Personal Data

The UIA2021RIO Congress hereby declares that it processes personal data as required for registration in its systems and portals, such as names, email addresses, contact telephone numbers, employer companies, professional position, work and address, type of business interests and IP address.

In addition to registration data, UIA2021RIO hereby declares that it collects indirect personal data related to accessing Internet portals, provided by the system itself without the necessary information on the users, such as geo-localisation and IP addresses.

Processing Purpose

Data collected by UIA2021RIO will be processed in full compliance with European and Brazilian laws on data protection, solely for the following purposes:

(a) promoting products and services offered by UIA2021RIO, as well as new functions, updates, contracting and price policies and other business innovations;

(b) disseminating content related to the activities, products and services provided by UIA2021RIO;

(c) studying user interactions with UIA2021RIO Communications media, in order to streamline and develop new relationship channels;

(d) establish appropriate registered user and activity identification criteria on the platform, systems and website;

(e) prevent the occurrence of frauds against users and third parties;

(f) allow UIA2021RIO system, platform or website functions to be used, compliant with user expectations;

(g) fulfil the contract obligations established by the Declarant to users, including services providing assistance and support, report generation, data hosting and others;

(h) fine-tune user experiences and upgrade the UIA2021RIO system, platform and website.

Data Processing

When collecting personal data, UIA2021RIO guarantees that this information will be stored in secure technological structures under safe conditions, ensured through the deployment of cutting-edge technical data protection criteria.

Data will be stored for at least six months, in compliance with the requirements of Brazilian Internet legislation (MCI – Marco Civil da Internet), and will extend as long as relationships remain in place between users and UIA2021RIO.

Access to personal data obtained by UIA2021RIO will be limited, within an information security structure that restricts access to each item of information to the professional or sector, as effectively required to perform some of the data processing purposes declared herein.

UIA2021RIO accepts no liability for user negligence or bad-faith actions undertaken by third parties, being exempt from the duty to make reparations for damages deriving from security incidents or data breaches resulting from hacking, faults or flaws, unless proven to have been caused by the careless or deliberate conduct of UIA2021RIO.

Data Sharing

The personal data of users may be shared with third parties by UIA2021RIO under only the following hypotheses:

(a) after the closing ceremony of UIA2021RIO and the subsequent transfer of this information to the Brazilian Institute of Architects (IAB);

(b) with proper authorization, outsourcing data processing services (operators), such as data hosting, processing systems (cloud software services), information technology consulting services, telecommunication services, delivery services, publicity and marketing services, event organisation, travel services, credit billing and other financial services.

As contracted by UIA2021RIO, third-party access to user data shall be subject to commitments to confidentiality and compliance with data protection laws in effect, particularly Law Nº 13,709/2018, as set forth in written agreements or specific declarations with binding powers.

Users are hereby informed that UIA2021RIO is bound by law to share personal data if ordered to do so by the Courts, the Police or the Civil Service. This information will be provided only after validating the order with the competent entities.

International Data Transfers

The UIA2021RIO Congress may process the personal data of persons located in the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) in Brazil, where it also has operations. Furthermore, some of the direct and indirect processes may be outside the EU or EEA territories. The UIA2021RIO Congress hereby agrees to do its utmost to demand compliance with the legal requirements deriving from Regulation Nº 2016/679. More specifically, the UIA2021RIO Congress hereby agrees to require third parties to sign commitments with standard contract clauses as stipulated by the EU.

By declaring that they are aware of and accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, users express their firm consent to any possible future data transfers responding to orders issued by government authorities in countries outside the EU or the EEA. Furthermore, the UIA2021RIO Congress also states that the consent in question may be waived should the supply of the information to the authorities derive from a legal requirement.

Cookies and their Use

The UIA2021RIO Congress hereby declares that it uses cookies in order to improve user experiences on its intranet pages and platforms. Cookies are files forwarded by the Declarant and installed on user browsers that allow Internet terminal identification, user authentication, personalised browsing experiences and contracting services, reporting accesses and activities on the website.

The UIA2021RIO Congress uses cookies for the following purposes:

(a) authentication and security;

(b) providing advertisements and content;

c) offering products and services;

(d) performance measurements, analyses and statistics.

The UIA2021RIO Congress guarantees that the best safety practices are used for its own cookies as well as those of third parties, in order to ensure personal data protection.

The use of cookies by UIA2021RIO is authorised in advance by users when accessing its online platforms and websites. Authorisations may be reviewed and modified at any times by users. The UIA2021RIO Congress notes that blocking cookies may interfere with the full use of the provided resources, and might even hamper access to certain functions and tools of the channels and platforms.

Holder Rights

The UIA2021RIO Congress assures users of the right to access personal data in use. In addition to access, it also assures them of:

(a) the right to rectify their data;

(b) the right to oppose the use of data for purposes authorised previously;

(c) the right to exclude data, except for maintaining information needed to comply with legal duties and exercise the right of defence in court cases and/or administrative proceedings.

The UIA2021RIO Congress guarantees that personal information that has been collected and stored will be eliminated at the end of the contractual relationship or when consent to data processing is withdrawn, except for keeping the records needed to comply with legal duties or for possible future defence in court cases and/or administrative proceedings.

Exemption from Liability

The UIA2021RIO Congress accepts no liability for user negligence with their own personal data. The responsibility of the UIA2021RIO Congress is limited to efforts related to ensuring the use of the best security practices. Users must strive to ensure the confidentiality of information related to access and handling of the data in the UIA2021RIO system, platform and website, such as information related to logins, passwords, security keys, double authentication and any other security solutions used by the Declarant.

Contacts, Doubts and Queries

For further information, clearing up doubts and any other queries related to personal data processing and the terms of this Privacy Policy, the UIA2021RIO Congress is available for contact through email: [email protected]

Last update:January 15, 2021