RESSIGNIFICANDO UM SÍMBOLO: novos usos para o edifício-garagem



  • Camila Rosanti Sugahara Perez Ungaro


  • José Paulo Gouvêa


  • Associação Escola da Cidade



Eixo Temático:

  • Mudanças e Emergências

The great incentive for the construction of parking buildings in São Paulo’s downtown in the 50s, is a direct reflection of a city that prioritizes cars over pedestrians.

Understanting this typology as a symbol of a city that is designed for cars, it is proposed to redefine this symbol from changing the use of a vertical garage, in the central region of São Paulo. In addition to the parking building, the project appropriates others parking lots to create a sports center - one of the few insufficient programs in the region.

Returning space to people is a way of reversing the machine-body hierarchy and provoking discussions about the model of the city in which we live. Changing the use of a building designed on the scale of the automobile to a use compatible with the human scale is a way of discouraging the use of the car in large urban centers, reviewing its role and proposing a new model of city more compatible with the contemporary world, in which this typology is no longer needed.

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