• Marianne Medeiros Gomes


  • Centro Universitário Católica de Santa Catarina


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  • Fragilidades e Desigualdades

The Collaborative Learning Project (CLP) is part of the Educational Institution curriculum and aims to integrate different interrelated concepts in the disciplines of the semester, in an interdisciplinary perspective. As foreseen in the pedagogical project of the course, in the fourth phase of the course the discipline of City and Landscape: Introduction to Urban and Territorial Form has the character of conducting the process, introducing discussions about the study of urban design and the forms of occupation of contemporary cities derived from their formation histories. In the semester of 2020/2, the discussion was raised about the actors of the current cities and the role of the architect and urban planner in this new scenario through the theme Inclusive Cities.

This discussion led to the definition of the general objective of CLP's activities: To develop critical thinking about the factors that make up an inclusive city and the situation of the theme in the city we live in. The semester's subjects were integrated, contributing specific content for the creation of the 4th phase PAC product: DIGITAL MANIFEST - Website with definitions, mapping, and proposals for awareness milestones for each axis of formation of an inclusive city, with the purpose of dissemination in local communities.

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