Memorial to the Afflicted



  • Pedro Henrique de Carvalho Rodrigues
    Giselly Barros Rodrigues
    Colaboraram 31 estudantes


  • Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia de São Paulo


  • Práticas Pedagógicas

Eixo Temático:

  • Diversidade e Mistura

The pedagogical practice presented was applied to a class of the second semester of a Architecture and Urbanism course within the curricular component of Architectural Design and had as its theme the design of the Memorial to the Afflicted in the district of Liberdade, in São Paulo. The practice is part of the axis Diversity and Mixture and it is expected to contribute to the discussion on the practice of Architecture and Urbanism attentive to the mixture of cultures and the importance of this aspect in the training of future architects. By problematizing the question of the black contribution to Brazilian culture and the terms in which it happened, it values ​​cultural diversity in the quest to overcome segregation, promoting the strengthening of communities and the preservation of the African and Afro-Brazilian legacy. Considering that the teaching of design is a broader educational process that goes beyond the technical teaching or preparation for professional practice, the question brought by this experience is that the studio can prepare future architects to become agents of transformation. The racial-ethnic question regarded from the disciplinary field of Architecture and Urbanism can contribute to the anti-racist struggle and can inform the design at various stages of the creative process and stimulate critical reflection, revealing it is possible to think of an education in Architecture and Urbanism for all worlds, in one world.

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