Demonstration Garden: Local Biodiversity showcase

Third Place


  • Gabriela da Silva Ramos


  • Leandro Manenti e Inês Martina Lersch


  • Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul



Eixo Temático:

  • Mudanças e Emergências

Sustainable development means balancing local and global efforts to meet basic human needs with the need to preserve the natural environment from degradation and destruction (WWF).

Brazilian major urban centres face a non sustainable condition of sprawl. High urbanization rates and the unbalanced use of natural resources reduce the quality of ecosystem services available within the urban environment and foster eminent environmental issues.

Such condition demands sustainability to be used not only on future constructions, but also on projects that aim to reactivate urban areas already settled to rebalance urban and environmental functions.

The proposal studies a public Building with private administration at Porto Alegre`s city centre. The PopCentre (Centro Popular de Compras de Porto Alegre) has got different usage according to each level – bus terminal at ground level, commercial shops at second level, administration and private parking company on the third level. The Project tackle the flow of people around the area and mostly inside the Building, redesigning its circulation system. The design also bring in an elevated plaza on its roof. The Garden is named demonstrative once it showcases all different landscape features found at the local Biome: Pampas. The action boost the contact of urban population with it’s local biodiversity through leisure and environmental practices. It’s essential instigate conservation, the use of native species and it’s ecological role.

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