12 June

China’s New Urban Planning on the Agenda

UIA2021RIO schedules talks and discussions with Chinese architects this week […]

UIA2021RIO schedules talks and discussions with Chinese architects this week

Engaged in a sweeping urbanisation process, China is today welcoming new strategies and experiences from architects who are gradually transforming landscapes and shaping a new urban future. Keenly aware of pressing global issues like sustainability and environmental impacts, these practitioners are striving to dovetail tradition with innovation. Featured at the 27th World Congress of Architects– UIA2021RIO, China’s new urban planning will be the theme running through a series of activities this week.

On Monday, June 14, UIA2021RIO attendees will have exclusive access to an ArchiTalk by the architect and professor Yung Ho Chang, who lectures at the University of Beijing and MIT; he also set up China’s first private architecture firm: Atelier FCJZ. He will talk about the daring initiatives that are being implemented in the Yangtze River delta, which is one of the world’s largest conglomerations, encompassing Shanghai and three provinces: Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui. Developing as a powerful industrial hub since the 1990s, this region was defined by China’s Central Government as a science and technology innovation hub with global influence through to 2025. This is opening up opportunities for new urban intervention programmes and projects.

Wenzhou Medical University International Exchange Center by Atelier FCJZ

The following day, on June 15, UIA2021RIO features an ArchiTalk by architects Zhao Xing and Sun Hui, who are partners in HXP PLANUNG GmbH, with offices in Darmstadt, Germany, and Beijing, China. Zhao is a specialist in energy efficiency and thermal comfort, while Sun Hui is a researcher specialising in grassroots Chinese buildings. They will explore an interesting topic: the movement towards rural areas. This is one of the latest priorities of China’s Central Government, which has been investing heavily in infrastructure like roads, electricity networks and Internet access, reaching out to rural communities.

Taizhou Jiuzhangfu, sustainable and “passive” project – with very low energy consumption, by HXP

On June 17, a livestreamed session brings the speakers together to discuss current urban planning models within the Chinese context, and the future to which they are pointing. This discussion will be presented by architect Rui Leão from Macau, who chairs the International Council of Portuguese-Speaking Architects (CIALP), and is also one of the international ambassadors of the 27th World Congress of Architects. The moderator will be architect Jun Jiang, founder and editor of the trail-blazing Urban China magazine, which broke fresh ground in critical analyses of China’s urbanisation process.

This discussion (in English) will be held on the Zoom platform, in with exclusive access for UIA2021RIO attendees.

The live broadcast link will be sent by email just to congress attendees one hour before the room opens.




Architalk released on the platform exclusively for UIA2021RIO attendees:

June 14:  Yung Ho Chang 

June 15: Zhao Xing and Sun Hui

Discussion livestreamed (on the Zoom) exclusive to the UIA2021RIO attendees:

June 17, 7 p.m. (Brazil) / June 18, 6 a.m. (Beijing)

Presented by:     Rui Leão

Moderated by:    Jun Jiang

Discussants:       Zhao Xing and Sun Hui, Yung Ho Chang