11 March

Alfredo Brillembourg: Architecture against Segregation

“The architect must become more political.” This is the view […]

“The architect must become more political.” This is the view of US architect Alfredo Brillembourg, who founded Urban-Think Tank (U-TT), a multidisciplinary firm based in Caracas, Venezuela.

With a BA in Art and Architecture and an MA in Architectural Design from Columbia University, Brillembourg focuses on finding innovative solutions that respond to sprawling shantytowns and dramatic population surges in cities around the world. He believes that an interdisciplinary approach helps empower architects to fight segregation and extreme social and economic inequality. “Today we have islands of wealth and ghettos of poverty all over the world. We need to break away from this. Architects must expand their roles; they could perhaps be systems thinkers, strategic designers,” he comments.

with the support of community leaders and residents in the San Agustin neighbourhood in Caracas, U-TT designed the Metro Cable – a cable car linked into the subway system that was inspired by the model of Medellin, Colombia.

Another Brillembourg project for the Venezuelan capital is the Vertical Gym, a sports and recreation complex in the Chacao slum that was built from prefabricated kits. According to this architect, the equipment has helped “Lower crime rates and promote healthy lifestyles, while boosting social capital.”

U-TT has also developed several digital innovations that step up social participation for people living in poor communities. “Cities are not static. They are constantly shifting through exchanges and interactions,” he says. In addition to Caracas, Brillembourg has explored challenges raised by other major metropolises, inluding Mumbai, New York, and Johannesburg. “The world is interconnected and must be understood to the fullest extent.”

To learn more about the ideas of this brilliant thinker of the future, watch his presentation on March 23 at the UIA2021RIO Open Week on Fragilities and Inequalities.

Alfredo Brillembourg will be interviewed by architect Fernando Serapião, editor of Monolito magazine.

Access https://aberto.uia2021rio.archi/ register free of charge.

Vertical Gym

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