UIA World Congresses

The World Congress of Architects is held every three years in a member country of the International Union of Architects. The 27th World Congress is the first to be held in Brazil and its original date (2020) was changed to 2021 due to the Corona (Covid-19) pandemic.

Rio 2021
All the worlds. Just one world. Architecture 21

Seoul 2017
Soul Of City

Durban 2014
Architecture Otherwhere

Tokyo 2011
Design 2050

Turin 2008
Transmitting Architecture

Istanbul 2005
Grand Bazaar of Archictectures

Berlin 2002
Resource Architecture

Beijing 1999
Architecture of the 21st Century

Barcelona 1996
Present and Futures: Architecture in Cities

Chicago 1993
Architecture at the Crossroads

Montreal 1990
Cultures and Technologies

Brighton 1987
Shelter and Cities - Building Tomorrow's World

Cairo 1985
Present and Future Missions of the Architect

Warsaw 1981
Architecture, Man, Environment

Mexico City 1978
Architecture and National Development

Madrid 1975
Creativity and Technologie

Varna 1972
Architecture and Leisure

Buenos Aires 1969
Architecture as a Social Factor

Prague 1967
Architecture and the Human Milieu

Paris 1965
The Training of Architects

Havana 1963
Architecture in Underdeveloped Countries

London 1961
New Techniques and New Materials

Moscow 1958
Construction and Reconstruction

The Hague 1955
Architecture and the Evolutions of Building

Lisbon 1953
Architecture at the Crossroads

Rabat 1951
How Architecture is Dealing with its New Tasks

Lausanne 1948
Architecture Faced with its New Tasks

Copenhagen will host the International Union of Architects (UIA) congress in 2023 with the theme of "Design for a Sustainable Future".



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